About us

Al-Qahoom stores for General Trading ,Agricultural and Veterinary Development is considered as a significant partner in the world of agriculture, and a pioneering company in the Yemeni agricultural market, since its establishment in 1990s , and it provides its distinguished agricultural services by providing high-quality agricultural protection products and agricultural and animal production requirements, which we carefully supply from the largest International companies to obtain the best results and serve their customers by providing technical support to farmers by a team of engineers specialized in diagnosing plant pests that affect agricultural crops and finding appropriate solutions.

We also strive in Al-Qahoom stores seriously and vigorously periodically follow up our products inside the Yemeni market in order to maintain their provision to Yemeni farmers at appropriate prices and agricultural consultations throughout the agricultural seasons to raise up the level of agricultural production in Yemeni farmers, and to build a wall of trust between us and our customers throughout the Republic of Yemen and enter Everything new and useful for the future of agriculture in Yemen.